Employee Highlights


employees hired, including welcoming back some familiar faces


employees were provided with lateral career moves

5 hours

of dedicated training per employee per year, aimed at ensuring members’ satisfaction


employees were trained in first aid across the organization

 I feel this company not only says we appreciate you as an employee but also shows us we are appreciated in how employees are involved in many different areas of the business. For example, we are invited to sit on focus groups, and participate and volunteer at many events. I also appreciate the level of training and opportunities to grow. I feel at home. I feel encouraged, challenged and appreciated!

- Val LeRoux, Manager, Member Service, Northgate branch, First Calgary Financial

 Being part of an organization where your altruistic spirit toward your community is supported, encouraged and acknowledged, and where you can talk about being part of a work family and truly mean it, is something that we happily take for granted at Connect First Credit Union. I haven't been at Chinook very long but I've been privileged to be part of credit union families for 20 years now, as part of four different communities. I always marvel at how lucky I am to find such great people, and this last stop is no exception. Coincidence? I think not!

-Susanne McDuff, Commercial Account Manager, Drumheller branch, Chinook Financial